Choosing the finest video editing software is the difference between seeming like a Hollywood director and a complete novice. The need for video material is increasing. People are earning money on YouTube, Twitch, and editing videos for large corporations to earn lots of money. If you have not already, you must harness the immense potential of video content. And if you are a skilled video editor, you can turn virtually any raw film into a work of art.

best free video editors for mac

Let's check out the best video makers for Mac you can get in 2021.

Top 1. TunesKit AceMovi

It is a sophisticated video editing program that is both simple to use and powerful, making it ideal for both novices and video experts. It has a plethora of attractive video effects, filters, and other features.

tuneskit acemovi

TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor is a sophisticated video editing program and the best video-making software for Mac. It can quickly produce and improve any trendy video, such as social media clips, product training videos, and so on, using a plethora of video effects, filters, templates, and so on.


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

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  • The ideal video editor for both novices and pros
  • Record the screen with your resolutions
  • You can cut, combine, trim, and rotate the video as you like
  • A powerful video solution for personal enjoyment, business, or education

Top 2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has a plethora of plug-ins, templates, and scripts. These tools have the potential to significantly ease the working process while also adding a professional touch to the finished film. This is the most suitable option for batch product video editing.

One of the unique features is the ability to control the program's cache. It is very helpful since the video editor clogs the hard disk indefinitely. Adobe Premiere Pro is not only the best video maker for Mac, but it is also available for other platforms.

adobe premiere pro cc


  • Editing audio and video to a high standard
  • Working with Windows and MacOS is a breeze


  • Non-linear video editing is built-in

Top 3. Lightworks

Any video post-production is done in the background in real-time. This enables you to use the software smoothly, but only if your Mac is sufficiently powerful. The GPU is used to accelerate calculation processes. Although specific drivers for visual cards such as NVIDIA or ATI are required.

You do not have to worry about the video disappearing since the whole sequence of operations is stored automatically. Any video format may be imported and exported with the software. It is possible to edit footage from several cameras at the same time. Finally, there is the option to take a screenshot.

light works


  • There is a plethora of built-in effects
  • Home usage is completely free
  • Video editing in 3D


  • The UI is complicated

Top 4. VideoProc

The Videoproc video editing software Mac best comes with a comprehensive set of tools and functions, including video stabilization, noise reduction, and lens distortion correction. It also fulfills the most basic needs, allowing for automated editing, trimming, and merging of video. The ability to record live broadcasts of your screen is one of its distinguishing features, making it the ideal choice for gamers.



  • Editing in 4K resolution
  • 370 codecs and more than 420 output formats
  • 4K resolution support


  • A free version has limited functionality.

Top 5. DaVinci Resolve

The DaVinci Resolve video maker software for Mac is equipped with a completely digital audio workstation for sound editing. To put it another way, you do not have to switch off the application to obtain the sound the way you want it. It is accessible on the App Store, but if you want to utilize all the features of the free version, you must download it from the Blackmagic website. If you do not have time to research it, contact expert video editing services.

davinci resolve


  • Multilingual lessons and a certified training course
  • Rendering of packages
  • There are many audio parameters
  • Multi-camera editing, curves, and expanded filters are all available


  • For novices, the UI is complicated

Top 6. Movavi Video Editor

Cropping the borders of a video, rotating an image, adding audio and video tracks, different effects, filters (noise, blur, brightness, chromatic balancing, contrast, invert), and making a slideshow are among the major features of Movavi Video Editor.



  • UI that is uncluttered and easy to comprehend
  • YouTube direct output
  • Quick video rendering


  • There is no histogram, vectorscope, or color wheel
  • LUTs are not supported

Top 7. Blender

It also has a high-tech interface and integrated tools. Blender, like other video editors, has certain disadvantages. In contrast to other applications, this is the only one that offers professional 3D quality for free. It has a lot of features and is ideal for 3D aficionados, artists, and designers.

It is a universal app that does not take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, novices may struggle with this free video editing program for Mac because of its awkward interface and a lack of YouTube lessons. Before making a purchase, learn more about the best PC for video editing.



  • The best for 3D editing
  • There are many tools for creating visual effects
  • A plethora of add-ons


  • Almost all of the courses are centered on 3D animation/modeling

Top 8. HitFilm Express

HitFilm's primary feature is composite pictures, which enable you to create tome lines solely for special effects and animation (which may be further applied to the main video). It operates by applying multi-layer effects without immediately integrating everything into the main linear timeline.

Express has been updated to allow for the selection of different view quality settings, including customized playback and pause, which speeds up video playback and helps minimize delays while viewing high-resolution movies.

Quality playback, video resolution, quality pause, and resolution pause are all-new variations. Each of these factors has four choices ranging from low to high.

hitfilm express


  • The most effective visual effects
  • While exporting, continue to modify the video.
  • Export capabilities that are versatile and simple to use
  • Screen simulation and extended tracking


  • Plug-ins for a fee
  • Export performance is poor.

Top 9. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

In Pinnacle Studio Plus, the timeline and storyboard are both shown on the same screen. As one of the best video making software for Mac, users may modify both processes at the same time. The software has one of the most comprehensive collections of preprogrammed objects available. Users will have access to a plethora of effects, transitions, titles, and templates.

pinnacle studio


  • The most customizable choices
  • Quick rendering and performance
  • Simple user interface


  • Ultra 4K resolution is not supported.
  • The standard version has severe limitations.


That is all there is to it when it comes to the finest software for creating video magic. I hope this tutorial was useful to you, whether you are a seasoned expert, a novice, or just a computer enthusiast. In this guide you will find the best video makers for Mac, if they don't fit you well, try TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor.