A photo video maker is a kind of software that allows you to create a movie using the images you own. For instance, you can create an amazing video of your holiday pictures with the family and share them with other members. It would be a fun way to see photos.

As you would require software that helps you create a video using the pictures, you will search for the best free photo video maker. The Internet will provide you with a plethora of information related to the programs that are branded, accessible and supportive. However, not each of the software is capable of creating wonders.

In this article, you will learn about the leading tools that have acclaimed their position by giving the customers what they need. You will further find out about the best tool that fulfills all your requirements without looking for different applications.

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1. Best Photo and Video Slideshow Maker - TunesKit AceMovi

Thanks to TunesKit AceMovi, creating a mesmerizing video is no longer a challenging job. Instead, you can term it as the best photo and video slideshow maker in its category, for it provides the best of everything on a single platform.

You no longer must search for various programs to edit, trim, merge, split, crop, or create videos using photos. Preferably, the program allows you to rotate, flip, crop, zoom, split, merge, add music, add text, add subtitles, and adjust the speed of the video. In addition, you will also receive advanced features, such as PiP, transitions, keyframing, filters, and split-screen.


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor Key Features

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  • Very easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Accepts multiple formats
  • Available for both Mac and Windows users
  • You can try TunesKit AceMovi for free
  • The best photo video maker

Guide to Use TunesKit AceMovi to Create Photo Video

Step 1: Install the appropriate version of AceMovi from the official website.

Step 2: The best photo video maker software allows you to enjoy all the features without any restriction. However, there will be a watermark. If you like to remove it, you must register the copy.

Click the Help button and choose the Register feature. Now, enter the code sent to your registered email address.

register to TunesKit AceMovi

Step 3: Press the Import button to select all the pictures you like to create the movie from the primary interface.

import media

Step 4: Import the pictures added to the Media Library onto the Timeline using the drag feature.

add the video to timeline

Step 5: To create a movie from the pictures, you must add transitions so that each image is different and provides a pleasing effect while moving to the following picture. From the side menu bar, press the Transitions icon to see different options. You can choose one and drag between two images. Continue the process until you reach the end.

add transition to video

Step 6: You are now ready to save the file to the computer. Click the Export button and save it in the required file format. The software supports various formats. You can choose the photo video to play on a specific device by clicking the Device tab and selecting the appropriate device.

export the video

2. Nine Best Free Photo Video Makers

#1 OpenShot

OpenShot is the best photo video maker software free download for all platforms. With its robust editing tools, you can quickly create a video using your pictures. It even provides advanced features.



1. Simple interface
2. Advanced features
3. Unlimited layers


1. Slow rendering
2. Lags at times


VSDC is the best photo video maker free download tool for Windows. The solution provides support to all the video formats and codes. You can quickly create fun videos using images.



1. Good visual and audio effects
2. Blending modes
3. Masking


1. Available only for Windows
2. The free version often lags

#3 Lightworks

Lightworks is the best free photo video collage maker. The features include precision trimming, multi-cam support, and save files in full HD. The usage is simple, and anyone can start creating videos quickly.



1. Numerous editing features
2. Perfect for YouTubers


1. Advanced for beginners
2. Saves file in MP4 only

#4 Adobe Premiere Rush

The best free photo video maker software from Adobe, the Premiere Rush, is a new program. Although the free version has restrictions, creating videos right from the app is simple.

adobe premiere rush


1. Convenient tool
2. Creates videos from the app
3. Multi-channel accessibility


1. Limited features in the free version

#5 Lumen5

The best free photo and video slideshow maker for beginners is Lumen5. It is an online editing tool and makes it easy to create photo videos from anywhere. You can add content, music, and text.



1. Feature-packed online tool
2. Exports videos into 720p resolution


1. The free version has a watermark
2. Limit of 5 videos per month

#6 Promo

Promo is the best photo video maker software free download for video marketers. It helps create amazing promotional videos with pictures instantly with the help of custom templates, music, text, subtitles, and more.



1. Ease of use
2. Excellent customer service


1. No video capture

#7 Biteable

Biteable best photo video maker free program is an online video editing tool. You can make ads, slideshows, and more with the free plan. However, it comes with a watermark.



1. Studio quality animations
2. Custom uploads
3. Chat and email support


1. Slow response
2. Watermark on videos

#8 InVideo

InVideo is another best free photo video collage maker. It is an online tool and has everything you need to create a video from pictures. You can further export videos, use text-to-speech, and ready templates.



1. 3500+ templates
2. iStock library
3. Automated text to speech


1. Not for professionals
2. The free version embeds a watermark

#9 Animoto

Animoto is for creative individuals and targets marketing professionals. The best free photo video maker software is an online editor and has a massive collection of templates, stock pictures, and music.



1. Unlimited video downloads
2. 720p resolution
3. A library filled with photos and videos


1. The free version has branding on the videos


Eyeing for the leading and the best free photo video maker is a challenging task. However, with the information provided in this article, you now understand what to choose for your photo video requirement. Make a wise decision in picking the appropriate video editing tool, as having a reliable partner to bring life to pictures is crucial.