You would have come across surplus video resizer applications in the digital market. It is high time to grab the free video resizer software tools to work comfortably. In this article, you will learn about the reliable applications that assist to work with large-sized video files without any issues. You can choose the perfect one that meets your needs. The video resizing software helps to decrease the videos for a varied purpose. The foremost reasons are while attaching in the mail, uploading on any social media space.

Due to storage restriction, you must look for optimum methods to reduce the video file sizes. You can scroll down to discover some of the mind-blowing applications that help to fulfil your requirements. All the below-discussed tools are reliable, and you can go for it without any hesitation. Surf the pros and cons of every program, then carefully finalize the apps that suit your requirements.

best free video resizers

Best Free Video Resizer for Windows

If you need a precise video resizer app, then the TunesKit AceMovi video editor is the best free video resizer for Windows. It is a simple interface program that works well for your needs without any issues. You can work with large-sized video files optimally on this platform. The TunesKit AceMovi video editor helps you to carry out the desired edits professionally. Surf below its mind-blowing features for a better understanding of this tool.

tuneskit acemovi

The Features of the TunesKit AceMovi application:

  • • You can resize the videos to desired file size.
  • • The crop option allows you to trim the videos as per your needs.
  • • Easily import and export the edited videos.
  • • Personalize the videos by adding built-in filters, transitions.
  • • This app is compatible with all types of video formats.

These features help you to edit the videos professionally. You can quickly learn this app without any difficulty. Make professional edits using the built-in tools of TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor.


Here's the stepwise process to resize videos with TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor:

Step 1: Install the software

Go to the official webpage of TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor and download the appropriate version of the software. You can find the Windows and Mac versions to suit your needs optimally. Download the app and install it as per your system OS requirement. Then, launch the app by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2: Add the Video File

add video

Hit the 'Open File' icon to add a file into the working space of TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor.

Step 3: Resize the Video

edit video

You can tap the 'cut' and 'Trim' icons at the Toolbar to resize the videos as per your needs.

Step 4: Preview and Export Video

export video

Now, you can have a preview of the resized video file before exporting them to the desired location. When you save the videos, you can convert them to any desired format to overcome compatibility issues.

Top Other 6 Video Resizers for Windows

In this section, you will learn about other 6 reliable video resizer tools. You can either opt for an online or offline program and choose the perfect options to complete the video resizing tasks successfully.

1: iMovie

It is an impressive video resizer tool that helps you to reduce file sizes without compromising its quality factors. This file reduction process takes place by retaining its resolution. This app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and iOS gadgets. The performance of this program is appreciable, and you can connect with it to make confident edits to your videos.



• There are built-in options to choose themes for your videos.
• You can also try audio editing to obtain the desired results.


• Beginners struggle to work in this complex environment.

2: Avidemux

This app is an open-source tool that provides loads of video editing options to users. It has a user-friendly interface, and the controls are explicit for easy reach. You can work with a wide range of video formats using this software.



• This app has a simple interface and suits well for beginners.
• It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


• This tool does not satisfy the professional's needs.

3. Lightworks

It is a professional free video resizer for Instagram and offers multiple video editing features. You can make precise edits using fewer clicks. This app is the perfect tool to complete creative tasks. The simple interface helps the newbie to explore a lot in video editing.



• Export the edited videos to any social media platform by a single tap.
• This app handles large-sized and HD video files optimally.


• To access all the features in this app, you must purchase subscription schemes as per your needs.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

It is a free video resizer and editor that assists you to carry out the desired tasks on your video files. This app allows you to make your recording using the webcam. It is compatible with all types of video file formats.

vsdc free video editor


• Create slideshows and embed transitions flawlessly using this tool.
• You can export the edited videos to any storage location or social media.


• This app has basic editing options, and it will not meet professional needs.

5. Xmedia Recode

It is a reliable video editor, and you can perform advanced video editing. This app has a comfortable interface and allows you to convert the file formats to any desired type to overcome compatibility issues. You can resize the videos by maintaining their aspect ratios. You can make precise edits using this application.

xmedia recode


• You can customize attributes like width, height.
• You can extract audios, trim, and crop the videos as per your needs.


• There are no enough tutorials to guide the newbie users.

6. HitFilm Express

It is an apt tool for creative designers. You can use this app to enhance your videos and engage the audience well. This program allows you to resize the videos during the export task. When you want to save or share the edited files, you can proceed with the export option, and the resizing attributes appear as one of the export parameters. You can set the desired values at your convenience.

hitfilm express


• This app helps you to add VFX effects to your videos.
• You can perform video editing activities like trim, crop, add filters.


• This tool allows you to save the edited videos in MP4 and AVI file format. It may lead to compatibility issues.


Thus, in this article, you had an enlightening discussion on free video resizer apps available in the digital space for quick downloads. The above-discussed tools are unique, and you can opt for them without any hesitation. The TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor provides you with surplus editing options to enhance your videos. It has flexible features to work with complex video files. Connect with this article to discover unique video resizing programs to assist in your video editing activities.