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User Guide of AceMovi Video Editor

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How to Use Keyframing in AceMovi?

The keyframing feature in AceMovi enables you to create customized animations by yourself. To animate a property, you have to change its value over time. You can use a keyframe to specify a value, such as scale, spatial position, opacity, and rotation.

To create an animation, you have to set at least two keyframes. One keyframe is for the value at the beginning of the change, and another one is for the value at the end of the change. The following is how to create keyframes.

1. Add and Edit Keyframes

Import a video clip, image, or motion element to the Media Library. Then drag your target file to the timeline. Click on the video clip and move the playhead to the position where you want to add a keyframe.

Next, choose the Keyframing icon keyframing icon in the toolbar to add a keyframe for the beginning of the change. Press the Properties icon property icon and you'll be able to adjust the effect property's value under the Animation tab, including opacity, rotate, scale and position.

add and edit keyframes

Then, move the playhead again to the second point where you'd like to add a keyframe for the end of the change. And repeat the steps above to adjust its value and create your own animations.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Keyframing

In addition, there are some preset keyframes in AceMovi. Just go to the Animation menu animation icon on the left sidebar and choose the Motions tab. You can choose any keyframe you like and drag it to the media file you want to add. Then you can adjust its starting point and endpoint to meet your needs.

2. Delete Keyframes

If you don't need a keyframe, you can easily remove it from the timeline. Click on the clip that has applied the keyframe, and select the specific keyframe, hit the Delete icon delete icon in the toolbar, or press the Delete button on the keyboard to delete it. Repeat this step to remove all the keyframes you no longer need.