There are hundreds of thousands of people that create and upload content across YouTube - one of the most prolific and effective video-sharing platforms developed across the Internet. While all these people create a variety of video content, various tools are required by YouTubers to make their videos look phenomenal. One such tool is the use of an intro maker that provides YouTubers with the ability to design a very significant introduction to a YouTube video, making them highly relevant to the service or product they offer.

This article is providing its readers with an introduction to the 10 best free online YouTube intro maker no watermark facilities across the system. These tools, while being free, are known to provide their consumers with the best toolkits and interfaces to manage their work with ease. Start here!

youtube intro maker online free

10 Best Online Free YouTube Intro Makers

Top 1. InVideo: All-in-One YouTube Intro Maker

invideo free intro maker for youtube online

InVideo YouTube video editing platform is considered among the best options for designing attractive YouTube intros. With easy navigation and compelling results, this YouTube intro maker is a watermark-free tool that offers you the best in the business. InVideo allows you to try our 5000+ templates, iStock media, overlays, transitions, music library, and filters. You can also turn to the 50+ themes of Text-to-Video or get started with a blank canvas from scratch.

Tutorials: When it comes to how to make a standard YouTube intro with a ready-made template in InVideo. Registering an account is the first step. Then select a dimension from the Wide(16:9), Square(1:1), or Vertical(9:16). Now go to the wanted template, for example, provided that you've selected a slideshow template for making YouTube intro videos. You need to directly replace the pics in the track, and then add a music track into the video. Once finished, you can share the YouTube intro on YouTube Studio.

  • Simplistic interface
  • 5000 video templates
  • 50+ themes of Text-to-Video
  • Unlimited royalty-free pictures
  • 3 dimensions to begin with
  • No Ads
  • Need a stable internet
  • No option for designing 3D videos

Top 2. VideoBolt: Smart YouTube Intro Maker

videobolt free online intro maker for youtube

If you are a new content creator on YouTube and lack the quality of designing a professional YouTube intro, you can consider utilizing this free YouTube intro maker no watermark online tool with special packages to purchase for better results called VideoBolt. It's easy to make cinematic movies, 2D motion graphics, 3D motion graphics, stomp, as well as retro videos with VideoBolt.

Tutorials: So how to make your own YouTube intro online with VideoBolt? To begin with, select the video type as YouTuber and click the Get Started. VideoBolt will lead you to a plethora of templates for YouTube channels such as the trending YouTube Simple Opener, YouTube End Screen, Flat YouTube Intro, and so on. All you need to do is click the wanted template and go to the YouTube intro making with texts, music, elements, and pictures.

  • Efficient and easy to manage
  • Provides a high-quality output video result
  • 2700+ YouTube intro video templates
  • 2D/3D MOtion Graphics
  • Personal media library
  • The user has to pay for its premium version
  • No channel to begin editing YouTube intro from scratch

Top 3. Panzoid: 3D YouTube Intro Maker

panzoid free youtube intro maker online

While there are contemporary tools that offer users exceptional tools to work with, there are tools that have been functioning with perfection for quite a time. Panzoid is regarded among the oldest tools that significantly includes advanced features in its interface, for example, the Clipmaker and the Backgrounder, making it one of the best choices in designing intro videos without a watermark.

Tutorials: How to make a YouTube intro with Panzoid online? If you are planning to make a 3D intro for Youtube, click the Clipmaker and then go to edit one of the templates you like. Likewise, click the Video Editor if you want to make a normal YouTube intro where you can add texts, change resolution/aspect ratio, insert a new music track, convert video into other formats, etc.

  • Provides customizable templates for intro videos
  • Has no hidden costs
  • 3D YouTube intro videos
  • Edit video background easily
  • Free & flexible shapes
  • Easy to learn
  • The platform is advanced and difficult to utilization
  • Lacks advanced effects like Split-Screen, Reverse, and Clone

Top 4. Wideo: Animated YouTube Intro Maker

wideo youtube intro maker free online without watermark

Simple tools can offer you the best results, with very few provisions to cover. Wideo is one of the best free YouTube intro makers with no watermark that allows the user to develop YouTube videos out of the 100 readily available templates with ease. Users having minute knowledge of intro makers can look over this tool for designing the best introductory video.

Tutorials: What's the easiest tutorial on making a YouTube intro with Wideo? Signing up with your Google account is available. There are a few templates for YouTube intro, but you can edit with other types of templates as well. Now click one of the templates and learn to replace your files. Different from other online YouTube intro makers, Wideo is an animated video-making tool. So you need to add a new page to create a new track like the music track and the text track.

  • Extremely easy and simple in consumption
  • Allows you to develop animated videos as an intro video
  • Animated YouTube intro maker
  • Major resolutions, including the 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 728*90, 300*250, and 320*50
  • Uploade to YouTube
  • Users have to pay for the tool after the trial elapses
  • You cannot make a duet/react video

Top 5. Biteable: Impactful YouTube Intro Maker

biteable intro maker online free no watermark

Referred among the best tools to make on-brand and studio-quality videos in minutes in the market, Biteable features ease and efficiency with its interface. This tool can help you in bringing out the best for your YouTube channel through the integration of a variety of animations, effects, and templates. The point that sets Biteable different from others is the Creation Studio, which permits you to begin with Advertising, Enterprise, PPT, Business, HR, Sales, etc.

Tutorials: What should I do to create a good YouTube intro with Biteable? You need to sign up at the very beginning and likewise, the Google Account is valid in the process. Then choose from online ready-made templates or begin with a new project. There are around 25 YouTube intro videos with an aspect ratio of 1920*1080. It is worth mentioning that Biteable is chock-full of colors for text, ribbon, and background. Once the video editing is over, you can choose to copy the video link or download it.

  • Offers a comprehensive set of features with no initial costs
  • Allows users to design high-quality videos with compelling navigation
  • 25+ video templates for making a YouTube intro
  • Advanced color grading
  • Support URL
  • Add call-to-action
  • You can hardly find any music resource

Top 6. LviPid: HD YouTube Intro Maker

lvipid youtube intro maker online free

Users who are a beginner in the market can look across LviPid for designing an impressive introductory video for their YouTube channel. This not only attracts more viewers but allows the user to cover this all in a relatively easier process. You can select the themes of Morph, Code Rain, Broken Glass, Film Rool, etc. But there is no direct way to pick up the YouTube intro video online.

Tutorials: How to use Lvipid YouTube intro maker to make content easily? To begin with, choose your wanted theme from the growing assembly. Then enter texts, pictures, clips, music, filters, etc. Lastly, share the new-made video or download it on your desktop. Besides, you can log in via Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

  • Convenient usability with a comprehensive interface
  • Store your content across its cloud storage
  • Resolution up to 1920*1080
  • Special & cool themes
  • Create slideshow in a couple of licks
  • Offers a very limited set of animations and templates

Top 7. RenderForest: Versatile YouTube Intro Maker

make youtube intro online with freerenderforest

Professional video editors and content creators should always consider using impressive platforms such as RenderForest. This all-in-one tool provides the user market with an exceptional set of features that make it quite popular throughout the market. You can choose to get started with your email. Websites, Logos, Mockups, and Designs are available on this website.

Tutorials: What are the beginners' guides to making YouTube intros with RenderForest? Firstly, navigate to the menu Videos > Intros, then click the ▶ icon when you find the proper video template. Another way is searching for a YouTube intro template with this tool. You can check the duration, rate, and version of the wanted template before using it.

  • Provides around 50k+ video templates for YouTube intro making
  • Graphically edit all kinds of videos
  • 4K YouTube intro maker
  • Clean UI
  • Sequential workflow
  • It is necessary to buy a package for utilizing the special features across RenderForest

Top 8. VideoCreek: Easy YouTube Intro Maker

videocreek intro maker for youtube online free

VideoCreek is a simple and free tool that features a very convenient user interface to work on. It acts as a very cohesive YouTube intro maker software that features 3D intro video editing within an easy-going environment. You can make videos for websites, blogs, broadcasts, businesses, vlogs, as well as YouTube channels.

Tutorials: How to make a YouTube intro with this online video editor? You need to log in firstly. Later, pick up the wanted YouTube intro template. After a while, try to add your favorite music, image, and other elements. VideoCreek must surprise you for its advanced effects like the masks. It's easy to add stickers, overlays, shapes, music, and colors.

  • Simple and effective
  • You can even insert your channel's details, such as logo and images, within the intro video
  • A slew of overlays, shapes, masks, and logos
  • Export video free up to 720p
  • Add a voice-over
  • You need to buy its membership to gain access to advanced tools
  • Sometimes it will get stuck

Top 9. IntroCave(IntroMaker): Customized YouTube Intro Maker

introcave free youtube intro maker online

IntroCave offers its users a very different experience in intro making for YouTube. With a very convenient procedure to fix a good intro video for YouTube, IntroCave allows you to create professional content without having any prior knowledge. There are many popular video tags like Gaming, News, 3D, Title, Fire, and Logo you can turn to with IntroCave. You will get more information like the duration, text, and images.

Tutorials: How to make a YouTube intro with IntroCave online? Click the Customize icon when you find the wanted template. Notably, IntroCave is a linear video editing tool, in other words, all the tracks will be edited one by one. In this case, changing background, inserting logo, adding a new music track, applying sound effects, and more processes will become easy to operate.

  • Offers particle effects
  • Exceptionally easy
  • 1300+ instant YouTube video templates
  • Linear using experience
  • Extremely considerate customizations
  • You need to purchase a plan to gain complete access to tools
  • Unfit for professional content creators

Top 10. IntroBand: Quick & Upbeat YouTube Intro Maker

introbrand intro maker free no watermark

If you are in search of a fancy tool for designing your intro video, IntroBrand fixes in the perfect description as a YouTube intro maker free online without watermarks. This tool provides you with a much more design-oriented environment, leading you to develop impressive video intros to culminate in an increased viewership.

Tutorials: What's the easiest guide to making a YouTube intro with IntroBand online? You can upload a logo and then adjust the logo size with it. Then enter the slogan and value the video color. Next up, you need to add an audio track, which can be set via the online stock of IntroBand or download local. Lastly, log in to create your account and download the video you made just now.

  • Has a growing template library
  • Do not request any subscription
  • Linear workflow
  • Music resources abound
  • Animations creator
  • Users find difficulty in exporting their outputs

TunesKit AceMovi - Best YouTube Intro Maker on Windows 10, 11, & Mac

The above are the 10 online tools for you to make a YouTube intro, in case you find the recommended websites are unstable and hard to use, it's advised to turn to edit video on your desktop. And the most user-friendly PC YouTube intro maker is TunesKit AceMovi, known for its functionality and easy-to-use layout design.

The robust and intelligent system makes it suitable for all-around YouTube intro video editing, including cropping, cutting, recording, trimming, converting, compressing, reversing, burring, cloning(mirroring), etc. You can use the software to make and edit YouTube videos in any manner.

This tool gathers a set of features and provides the user with exceptional results when it comes to designing videos. TunesKit offers a distinctive collection of animations and effects, which makes it a very expressive choice for people who regularly consume the services of YouTube.

You can download it for advanced effects like split-screen, picture-in-picture, chroma-keying, and so on. There are over 200+ text templates to overlay and a variety of in-stock music/audio effects that you can apply on the timeline directly. Now download AceMovi for easiness and great fun!


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

Security Verified. 8,346,544 people have downloaded it.


  • Fully-fledged functions for making YouTube intro
  • An inspairing of stickers, music, transitions, overlays, filters, etc.
  • Lots of formats supported like the MP4, M4A, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 4K Video, DivX, and DVD
  • Unlimited tracks to add
  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Export video at the best YouTube format (H.264 video codec, AAC-LC audio codec, 1080p, and 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Color grading


  • Few YouTube intro templates to begin with


There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the best intro maker in the market. Although these tools configure the best environment to work in, you can look over their basic features to get a distinguishable picture for your work. This would help you in designing effective YouTube videos with ease.