We all know that embedding a watermark in the content can protect copyright while showing professionalism. But one of the most annoying things is that watermarked videos might block some important details and affect the viewing value. Especially if you plan to use someone else's awesome video for personal or business use. Don't worry! If you want to know how to remove such troublesome watermarks, just read this article where we will share with you 4 easiest ways to remove watermark from video on PC, online and phone.

how to remove watermark from video for mac and windows

Part 1. How to Remove Video Watermark for Mac & Windows 10

Unlike the way of lighting the watermark removal area in Joyoshare VidiKit, AceMovi Video Editor helps you remove watermark from video with intelligent built-in features - Blur, Cover, & Crop. You may find the three are inherently used for other video editing purposes but they're actually very efficient in removing watermarks. So in this part, I'm going to show you the best way of using TunesKit AceMovi to remove watermark from a video.

Except for video watermark remover, TunesKit AceMovi is a also powerful video editor that provides multiple effects and transitions. It comes with a screen recorder used to capture video, images as well as voice-over from the screen or a webcam. As a well-established video editor, AceMovi is mounted with features like split screen, filters, animations, texts, and music library. The user-friendly interface contains all the effects and tools you need to embellish your video by which you can easily use the crop feature to remove watermark, or you can blur the watermark and replace it with your logo. Here just download AceMovi to hit the road!


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

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  • Basic and advanced features that make your video better
  • Multiple filters, transitions, text, sound effects, music
  • User-friendly & clean user interface
  • Import as many photos or footage as you want
  • Make videos of PiP, Split-screen, Reversed, Slow-motion, and many more advanced features are included on the latest update version
  • Able to remove watermark from any video by cropping, blurring, & covering

How to remove watermark from videos via TunesKit AceMovi

Add Media Files to TuneKit AceMovi

import videos that need to remove watermark

Open TunesKit AceMovi on your computer, then import the video files to the media box. You can click on the Import button to upload or directly drag-n-drop the video files into the box.

Add Video to the Timeline

add media to timeline

To add your video to the timeline, you can directly drag and drop them one by one. Or you're allowed to press the Ctrl+A to select all the media files and then drop them upon the timeline.

Remove Watermark from the Video

remove watermark from video free

There're three ways you can remove watermark in AceMovi, here they are:

1. Crop the video: Click on the crop icon icon on the toolbar and then customize the size of your video by dragging the edges. Lastly, adjust it until the watermark is totally out of the frame.

2. Blur the watermark area: Click the Regional Effect tab (the 8th on the leftmost), then drag the Blur effect on top of the video track. Move and change the scale of the blur effect to completely cover the watermark.

3. Cover the watermark with your logo: You can import your logo into the media box and drag it to the timeline as we did previously, then adjust the scale and position until it covers the watermark.

Export the Watermark-Removed Video

Once done editing your video, click the Export button on the middle left to download the watermark-removed video. If you click the Settings, you'll be able to choose the output parameters like resolution, codec, quality, etc.

You can also watch the following video to learn the detailed steps.

Part 2. How to Remove Video Watermark for Online

2.1 Online Uniconverter Watermark Remover

Online Uniconverter is an easy-to-use online watermark remover. It allows users to remove watermark from videos of various formats such as MP4, MKV, FLV, MPV, WMV, WEBM, 3GP, AVI, ASF, M4V, MPEG, MPG. This tool is free-to-use and available online, but it also comes with limitations such as conversion speed being slow sometimes, and it might fail to export the video before success. So if it is needed, you can buy the subscription to get the service larger files import, more concurrent conversions, higher speed conversion, as well as higher speed downloading. Now, let's see how to use this tool to remove the video watermark.

Step 1. Click here to visit Online Uniconverter. This online tool won't required you to register in if you just use the free version.

online uniconverter watermark remover interface

Step 2. Now, drop your files under the canvas and then go to + Add Area to highlight the removing area. When all is done, hit that purple button Export to download your fruits.

remove watermark from video online free

2.2 Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover

Unlike online Uniconverter, Apowersoft watermark Removal is a specialized tool that can even help you do batch video watermark removal. Meanwhile, Apowersoft allows users to remove watermark from videos of various formats such as MP4, MKV, FLV, MPV, WMV, WEBM, 3GP, AVI, ASF, M4V, MPEG, MPG. This tool is totally free and available online, but it also comes with limitations. The conversion speed is slow sometimes, and it might fail to export the video before success.

Step 1. Click here to browse Apowersoft Watermark Remover. Speaking of the import process, you can drop unlimited videos under the main page to do bath removal.

apowersoft online video watermark remover interface

Step 2. Now, you need to move the removal area under the watermark place and then click the Ease tab like the above image shows. Later, you can check the result in real-time by playing videoo at the same time.

remove watermark from video online free with apowersoft

Part 3. How to Remove Video Watermark for iPhone/Andriod

In this section, we'll share with you how to remove watermark from videos by an app called Photo Retouch - Object Removal on your phone devices, it can be iOS or Android systems. More importantly, this free watermark removal app supports you to upload large files. Before our guides, you need to download this app first and then get into the user page.

Step 1. This app is not merely designed to remove video watermark, so more projects are set on the user page. To begin your video watermark removal, go to the Video Eraser > Video > Pick up the wanted file from the album.

photo retouch watermark removal interface

Step 2. Actually, you may find the theory and process are the same when removing watermark from video and surely this tool isn't an exception. Choose a shape - a pen, a circle, or a square, and highlight the removing area then click that pale green button Go to export or share your videos.

remove watermark from video app free


To sum up, you can remove watermark from videos with software, online tool as well as app. By comparison, desktop software are recommended at the very beginningfor for more flexibility and convenience. Actually, the basic process is alike when it comes to removing watermark from videos yet there is a bit different in using AceMovi, just lie in that AceMovi not only is accessible to remove the watermark by blurring, covering, and cropping, but also has a powerful series of video editing features like trimming, reversing, compressing, etc. So click here to hit the road.