It might have happened that you intended to spend only a few minutes on Instagram but ended up staying there for a good part of a couple of hours. Well, this may seem surprising to others, but this thing isn't surprising at all, citing the brilliant visual content Instagram comes up with.

Nevertheless, there is an immense difference between watching and uploading a video on Instagram. If you intend to showcase a video for Instagram, you must ensure that you’ve grasped all the dynamics of Instagram. The first thing is to match the aspect ratio of the video according to the meticulous demands, e.g., the Instagram Story needs 9:16 (1080px by 1920px). Luckily, we'll explore the top 6 best Instagram video resizers with guides in this post. Let’s do it!

instagram video resizer

TunesKit AceMovi

acemovi instagram video resizer

Various tools you tried to adjust the size of your Instagram video might reduce the resolution quality of the video, and that's not good for your video as no one would live watching the low-quality video.

Luckily, you won't find any issue with TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor & Resizer. If you're to resize the Instagram video, AceMovi is tested to be easier and quicker. The dimension of 9:16 is preset in the video-cropping panel. All you need to do is hit the Crop button with one click.

Using this tool, it’s available to switch to rotate, zoom in or zoom out, flip, and mirror your footage. On top of that, you can split or trim the video to make it suffice the requirements of Instagram. Apart from these, AceMovi incorporates a full set of features and effects. For instance, applying extraordinary transitions to your video to make it look pleasing to the eyes, or overlaying breathtaking filters, relevant themes, and more.

AceMovi IG Video Resizer

Preset dimensions for Instagram projects
Smart timeline and track with limited imports
Colorful libraries of music and audio effects
Split, chop, enhance, speed up, and slow down
Video templates to make Instagram intro clip
Simple and clear user-centered interface
Try it Free Secure Download
Try it Free Secure Download

Video Guide! How to Resize a Video for Instagram in AceMovi


promo instagram video resizer

If you want to resize videos for Instagram, Promo can be another befitting option. It is a brilliant online IG video resizer that holds the ability to change the dimension of your recorded Instagram clip without tinkering with the resolution quality of the video.

The good thing about this tool is that it aims to cover every requirement of an Instagram platform, and you won't have difficulty uploading the video on Instagram. Moreover, Promo has built various video aspects, including square, wide, vertical, etc.

How to resize video for Instagram with Promo? The process is relatively simple. You'll only need to import the video to the tool's timeline after the registration, then click the dropdown menu to select the aspect ratio you want, and finally, download the edited video.


  • You can start from a template or a scratch
  • Hundreds of types of professionally-designed templates with songs
  • Specific canvas for creating Instagram videos from ads to stories
  • A collage of photo slideshow can be made quickly
  • Customized captions and subtitles to overlay


  • The plans are not cheap (BASIC-$49/Mo; STANDARD-$99/Mo; PRO-$359/Mo)
  • You don’t have chance to export video with the Full HD resolution without licensed plans


veed online video resizer for instagram

You shouldn't forget VEED if you're looking for a free video resizer for Instagram. It is an incredible website-based video editing tool with brilliant royalty-free music tracks that help you transcribe audio, add subtitles, and create new visual content.

This tool's most significant talking point is that it doesn't charge too much money as it is absolutely easy to use, yet you cannot download videos on the Full HD 1080p resolution on the free trial version. As a one-stop toolkit, VEED allows you to make the video according to the requirements of Instagram, as sometimes the videos you create support different social media platforms except for Instagram.


  • Intuitive user profile
  • Premade aspect ratios for IG
  • Keep the original quality
  • Export videos up to 4K (you need premium accounts)
  • All-in-one functionality


  • Only 10-min clip and 250MB with watermarks are supported by VEED
  • Log-in necessary

Easy Video Maker (EVM)

easy video maker to resize a instagram video

Easy Video Maker can be a vital tool for adjusting the size of Instagram. You can assume this tool is a reliable video resizer for Instagram that can make a video that can live up to the needs of Instagram.

On top of that, this video editor supports various video formats, including MP4 and WMV, meaning you can convert the video into many other types. More importantly, you can input a new height and width before uploading the video on Instagram. This ensures that your audience won't face hurdles in acquiring the message you've given through the video.


  • Concise track and timeline
  • Resize multiple Instagram clips easily
  • Customize the height and width of your videos in a blank dialogue box
  • A wide options of formats are supported


  • The free version has duration limits
  • You cannot make more edits to your videos


kapwing instagram video resizer free

Kapwing is another popular online tool that enables you to resize your Instagram videos and make them relevant. From time to time, when you create videos for social media, you don't feel comfortable about them, citing the flawed angles and heights.

Interestingly, Kapwing allows you to zoom in and zoom out the video and rotate or animate the video using Kapwing. If you're interested in adding attractive effects to your video, Kapwing won't disappoint you, considering the features it comes up with. It is a webpage Instagram video resizer, trimmer, downloader, uploader, and converter. The 720p resolution is free for all accounts right now.


  • Upload IG videos via the URLs
  • Trackless timeline for images, music, and clips
  • Fade in and out any media in real-time
  • Record your screen online without hassle
  • 720p resolution is free for each account


  • Registration required
  • Although Kapwing can save you videos online, you need to buy the premium services to re-edit or download the saved videos after a few days


animaker free video resizer for instagram

One of the easiest-to-use powerful tools that can make your Instagram worth watching is Animaker. It is a mouthwatering video resizer for Instagram that has various video aspects to make your video picture perfect.

Besides, you've also got various brilliant templates to customize your video and make it according to the basic canvas requirements of Instagram. You also have the access to add music or themes to your video and, most importantly, allow you to share the video directly to your Instagram platform. Interestingly, you won't face any video quality when adjusting the size of your video on Animaker.


  • Powerful Live-to-Action video-making ability
  • It’s easy to create your own characters
  • One hundred million and more stock images and clips
  • 4k video resolution is supported
  • Start with a ready-made template


  • The free account is limited in editing a video that is less than 5 minutes and HD resolution

The Bottom Line

Creating the video for Instagram isn't a straightforward job at all. Instead, you'll need to put hard yards to arrange the things in order. However, opting for an Instagram video resizer might help your cause, making the video how you intended it. Using a video resizer for Instagram, you can adjust the video from any aspect and make it relevant and attention-grabbing.