As the adage goes: “life is a non-stop movie with millions of video memories”. One day in summer, you may reminisce the flowers in spring, or another day when you are hanging out in the popular social media, like Twitter, Facebook, or some of the short-video playing platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, then you conceive an idea of capturing pieces of your lifetime, and beautify the video into the one you want.

Now it comes the question: how to trim an MP4 video? Or what’s the best MP4 video cutter on Windows or Mac? No hurry! Herein we are listing the top three options for you to solve the matter of video trimming in an easy and quick way, including freeware and online video cutter, no matter you are tech novices or professionals.

how to trim mp4 video

Ⅰ How to Trim MP4 Video on Windows/Mac

Option 1 Trimming MP4 Video with AceMovi Video Editor on Windows/Mac

As an one-in-all video editor, AceMovi is replete with a host of powerful and wonderful functions in video processing such as video trim, capture, and filter, etc.


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

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  • Trim MP4 or any other video files without re-encoding
  • Versatile video effects & bountiful kinds of built-in features
  • A slew of input & output formats supported
  • Clutter-free & easy-to-master layout
  • User-friendly steps & tutorials for green hands

When it comes to the video cutter features, AceMovi is a very professional and convenient tool to cut MP4 videos because of its versatile trimming designs, like the vertical & flexible monitoring line and the precise trimming point setting in the timeline, etc. Following along as we show you how to trim MP4 video in the AceMovi Video Editor step by step.

Import MP4 file and launch the video cutter

add mp4 video

Two ways for you to import the MP4 video file:

• Tap on the Import icon to upload your MP4 video, then right-click the MP4 video to choose the option of Add to Timeline.

• Drag-and-drop your MP4 video from your directory or desk in Wins/Mac to the timeline.

The second way is recommended because of its convenience.

Details of trimming MP4 video on AceMovi

trim mp4 video

Three ways for you to start MP4 video trimming:

• Right-click on the designated track, afterward, select the Split icon.

• Left-click the Sheer icon in the middle of the toolbar. At the same time, you should adjust the split points by holding and dropping the vertical monitoring line.

• Make a shortcut by imputing “CTRL+B” when the red monitoring line hits the trimming point.

Set export format and get your trimmed MP4 video

export mp4 video

♦ Set the export form

AceMovi is integrated with the current video formats, like MP4, M4V, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, etc., and their HD version, as well as the devices such as most types of iPhones, iPad, Galaxy, Huawei, and more. Even better, the trendy local social websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo are included either.

♦ Modulate the parameter

For a more bit, you can modulate the relevant parameters, such as output name & path, thread count, resolutions as well.

Then it is a fascinating time to click on the Export to get your successful trimmed MP4 video, by the way, don’t forget to check your target!

Option 2 Free MP4 Video Cutter – Cut MP4 Video Free with VLC on Windows 10

While you are using AceMovi Video Editor to cut the videos, you might have noticed that it’s not free. However, if you are looking for a way to trim mp4 video free, we got a better option for you - VCL.

As a source available and multi-platform media player, VLC offers high-quality but free video editing services.

The MP4 video cutting function of VLC on Windows 10 is very easy to master, as well you will get a different experience of MP4 video file storage. Here are the ways to have your MP4 video cut by VLC on Windows.

Import MP4 video onto VLC

import mp4 video

There’re also two ways of importing MP4 video files: Left-click the Media icon, and then point the Open File, or Drag-and-Drop the MP4 video into the playing window.

Hit the road of cutting MP4 video on Windows

trim mp4 video on windows 10

Click on the Advanced Controls in the dropdown menu - “View”. In the beginning, you should start the Loop A-B icon to light up the t Loop A and the Record button, then play the MP4 video, and light up the Ending Loop B when the progress bar hits the stop site.

Export the cut MP4 video to your windows 10 portfolio

set output

In the dropdown menu open the Convert/Save, and click the Add button, then select the export formats in the Media Files. You may find your MP4 video in the Video directory on Windows, which is different from the normal set of the MP4 video saving.

Ⅱ How to Cut MP4 Video Online

Feeling troublesome to download and launch applications? Want to get a more convenient and simpler video cutter? Like an online MP4 cutter? Here we go!s

Online Video Cutter offers the service of online video splitting that can cut your MP4 video in just seconds, and below we got three steps for you.

Import MP4 video on the free online cutter

time mp4 vide online

Click on the Open File icon to upload your MP4 video from the Windows / Mac, Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL, either drag and drop it into the pane.

Start having MP4 video cut online

trim mp4 vide online

You can enjoy the travel of MP4 video trimming after few minutes of website analysis.

By the way, by holding and dropping the thwartwise video control line you can immobilize the exact time trim point.

Download the cut version of your MP4 video

time mp4 vide online

Pick up the outport format, like MP4, MKV, MOV, or Auto, and decide whether to set the No Re-encoding. At the end of the MP4 video trimming, left-click on the save to get what you want.


Although the choices mentioned above are available for you to trim MP4 video in a matter of minutes, it’s easy to figure out some distinctions.

AceMovi Video Editor must be striking surprised for you to help your MP4 video trimmed with lossless quality at a lightning speed, as well as tons of supported formats. AceMovi is what we recommended most to trim your MP4 video on Windows and Mac.

VLC is free for everyone to cut the MP4 video on Windows 10. However, you may find VLC is lacking professional functions, for example, it’s hard for users to set the precise Start & End cutting points.

At the same time, the online video cutter also offers the service but sadly sometimes it will go to crash and error because of the unstable internet environment, and just a few formats are supported.

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