rotate or flip a video

In some cases, when people shoot a video clip by a camera or smart phone, they may accidently hold their device at the wrong direction or angle. For this reason, they may find the whole or part of the video recorded is needed to be tilted, especially to be rotated or flipped. While there are other people who just want to produce a wonderful visual effect, so they need to rotate or flip a video.

Nowadays, most media players will allow you to rotate it and watch in the right orientation. Yet it's just for this time, which means the player will not rotate the video and save it permanently. To fix this problem, this tutorial will introduce three ways to help you rotate or flip a video.

Part 1. Rotate or Flip a Video Via Video Editing Software

In order to rotate or flip your video successfully, the first way I’ d like to recommend is to choose and download a powerful video editing software. In contrast to online tools on Web browser, it can edit and save your video files smoother. Usually, this kind of tools will not consume too much memory.

Among various video editors, AceMovi Video Editor, is one of the best video rotator and flipper for users. So why it works well? Firstly, with clear buttons, rotation or flip can be regarded as its basic function. Whether you hope to rotate left and right, upside and down or at any angle, or to flip horizontally or vertically, AceMovi will not depress you. What’ more, it offers bonus to let you add animation, transitons or dynamic texts to make your video animated.

Steps to rotate or flip a video by AceMovi

Step 1: Import a video

After downloading AceMovi, just launch it and directly drag the video to the track. Or when you open the software, find the Import or File buttons to input you video.

import video

Step 2: Start to rotate or flip

In terms of rotation:

Now, as your video clip is in the track, click it and you will see a setting panel on the right side. Just find the Rotate button and drag the sidebar to any angle you want or manually change the angle. Of course, if you only need to rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, you can directly right click the Rotate 90 CW or Rotate 90 CCW.

rotate a  video

In terms of flipping:

Similarly, based on the same manner, just click the Flip button which let you flip horizontally or vertically.

flip a  video

Hint: Flipping vertically means turning video upside down, while horizontal flip means turn it from left to right or vice versa, which is just like looking at yourself in a mirror. Actually, there is difference between rotating and flipping. With flipping an image, the side which originally face upwards will face down. With rotating, it just spins around on its axis.

Step 3: Output your final video

Lastly, the video, after rotating or flipping, can be outputted by clicking the Export button. If you want to change the format or size of your video to suit YouTube or other platforms, you can also change it freely.

output rotated and flipped video

Bonus tip (optional):

How to rotate or flip parts and fragments of the video?

Actually, after you export your video by the steps above, you will see the whole video is rotated or flipped. Given different needs of users, AceMovi offers the Split button to let you rotate or flip the specific part of a video. An additional step is to place the redline maker to the ending part you want to rotate or flip, and then click the Scissor icon or right click Split. Next, you only need to follow the steps described above.

rotate or flip parts of video

Video Tutorial: How to Rotate a Video with TunesKit AceMovi

Part 2. Rotate or Flip a Video Via Video Cutter

If someone only wants to rotate, flip or cut video, I' d like to recommend a professional video cutter. Well-known as a useful video cutting tool, TunesKit Video Cutter also serves as a good video rotator that can easily rotate any video 90 degree right or left, or flip it vertically or horizontally.

TunesKit Video Rotator offers two preview windows for you to see any change you've done to the file in real time. Moreover, this program can also help users to edit the videos such as crop the video, insert watermarks, add subtitles, or import background music to the video, etc.

Steps to rotate or flip a video by TunesKit Video Cutter

Step 1: Launch TunesKit and import video file

add video

After completed the installation of TunesKit software on your computer, you can simply open it. Next click the Open button to add the video file you'd like to rotate or flip. Or you can just drag and drop the file to the program.

Step 2: Rotate or flip video file

rotate video

After the video is successfully imported, click the Editor icon editor icon on the right of the file and a new window pops up. If you don't see your file after added, just press the Show Segment List icon and your file will show up. Next choose the Adjust option from the top menu bar and you can see the rotation options for you. Now just hit the 90 degree clockwise or counter clockwise, or flip it horizontally or vertically until you see the video is in the right direction.

Step 3: Choose the output mode

set output

Next press the Format panel and choose the second Encoding mode, which will allow you to customize file format, device, code, quality, etc. After finished the setting, click the OK button to shut down this window.

Step 4: Save and export the video

convert video

Now press on the Start button and TunesKit will start to rotate the video as you set. Wait a minute and then you can locate the rotated file on the destination folder.

Part 3. Rotate or Flip a Video Via Online Tools

In this part, as some people only want to edit short videos for one or two times, I’ d like to introduce how to rotate or flip a video online. Online tools like clideo and kapwing are famous and useful, so I will take the clideo as the example.

Steps to rotate or flip a video by clideo

Step 1: Upload a file

Open its official website and find Rotate or Flip Video page. Next, click Choose file to upload a clip from your computer. Or you can click the arrow on the right side of the button to use a clip from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can also add a URL to grab a video from another site.

upload file

Step 2: Edit your video

For rotating your video: After uploading the file, you will see two buttons for rotating. Now you just need to rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise. You can rotate it 90 or 180 or 270 degrees.

rotate video

For flipping your video: After uploading the file, you will see two buttons for flipping. Now you just need to flip it horizontally or vertically.

flip video

Step 3: Download and save your file

You can now click Download to save the file to your computer. You can also click the Google Drive or Dropbox buttons to add the clip to your cloud storage.

download file

Part 4. Final Words

The solutions above are easy to use and powerful. If you simply need to rotate or flip a video, both desktop and online tools can meet your requirements. However, if you long for rich experience for video editing, I guess video editor or cutter is a better choice. Just try it, you will be enlightened.