A video merger is an exciting tool for both professionals and beginners in the video editing field. With its help, you can combine two different videos or videos of different file formats. Additionally, you can make all the edits you need to ensure that the output meets your specifications.

If you are in search of a free video merger tool, then you hit the jackpot! Today, you will learn about the various tools that will help you merge two or more videos into a single video.

best free video mergers

The programs discussed here have everything you ask for and provide the best service. Selecting one among the tool will depend on your work, budget, requirement, posting, and profession. Nonetheless, the details will help you have a better understanding of the programs.

Top 6 free video mergers

Top 1. Windows Movie Maker

The video merger free tool from Windows helps you combine two videos into one. Apart from using it without complications, it provides many features, such as voice recording and anti-shake.

windows movie maker


  • Free
  • A broad spectrum of transitions
  • Auto preview
  • Plenty of sharing options


  • Cannot adjust saturation and contrast
  • No adjustable effects

Top 2. Mergevideo.online

The free video merger online tool allows you to merge two videos right from your web browser. Then, you can upload the videos and start merging to create a single video.

mergevideo online


  • Streamlines process
  • Handles all options automatically
  • No watermarks


  • Limit to upload file
  • It cannot change the default compression

Top 3. Media Join

It is free video merger software to create a single video from two different video files. It recognizes several video formats, and you can choose to merge audio, video, or both.

media join


  • It supports a variety of formats
  • Wide variety of features
  • Simple interface


  • Limited transitions and effects

Top 4. MPEG Streamclip

The video merger free software is an open-source program offering a plethora of features. For example, you can select the videos, and the program adds them together into a single file.



  • High-quality conversion engine
  • Open-source and free


  • Cannot reorganize
  • Merging is rudimentary

Top 5. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free video merger tool. It has many tools for a free program and helps in maintaining the video quality to the highest resolution. In addition, it can process files as a batch and handle larger file capacity with ease.



  • Option to capture video
  • Can add third-party filters
  • Handles batch processing


  • Improper interface

Top 6. Free Video Cutter Joiner

The video merger free tool is an efficient video cutter and joiner. You can also trim the video before merging it along with other features. It further has a drag and drop feature for quick action.

free video cutter joiner


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Large output file options


  • Slow
  • Cannot handle files in batch

Top 5 easy-to-use video mergers

Top 1. TunesKit AceMovi

TunesKit AceMovi is a robust video editing tool, offering everything that you need to create an astonishing video. The video merger program gives you flexibility, tools, an intuitive interface, and options to edit videos per your requirement.

You can import videos, audio clips, and images and create a video. Likewise, you can use crop, trim, merge, split, merge, and advanced editing features such as keyframing, split-screen, PiP, filters, and transitions. You can also add audio, text, and subtitles.


TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor

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  • The ideal video editor to merge video
  • Concise and beginner-friendly interface
  • You can cut, combine, trim, and rotate the video as you like
  • A powerful video solution for personal enjoyment, business, or education

Guide to Use AceMovi to Merge Two Videos

Step 1: Install the trial copy by visiting the TunesKit AceMovi website. Choose the correct version (Mac or Windows).

Step 2: The free video merger software allows you to enjoy all the features without any restrictions. However, there will be a watermark. You can remove it by opting for a registered copy. First, head to the Help button and click the Registration feature. Now, enter the code sent to the email id entered while downloading the software.

export your video

Step 3: From the interface, click the Import button. Add the videos you like to merge.

import media

Step 4: Drag the videos onto the Timeline.

add to timeline

Step 5: Now, reorder the videos according to the requirement. See that there are no gaps or spaces between the videos. If needed, you can add text, subtitles, and audio according to the requirement and make the required arrangements.

Step 6: After completion, click the Export button to save the multiple video files into a single video. The program allows you to save the file in different file formats. You can select one according to the need. If you want to play the video on a specific device, then choose the Device tab and select the device from the list. Here, you can further make changes to the file name, saving location, and resolution.



  • Powerful and comprehensive
  • Unleash your imagination
  • Running smoothly on low-end PC


  • Free-trial remains a watermark

Top 2. Joyoshare Vidikit

Joyoshare Vidikit is a comprehensive video editor. You can use it to join your video easily. Besides, Vidikit contains numerous video editing features such as video repair, cut video, and video converter.



  • Allow users to convert video
  • Concise and user-friendly interface
  • Powerful and high running speed


  • Only provides basic video editing features

Top 3. Filmora Video Editor

The free video merger software - Filmora - stands out because of its interface and options, though it contains a watermark while you are using the free-trial. It has a massive collection of transitions, audio titles, effects, trimming, and a plethora of other editing features.



  • Free instant cutter
  • Well-designed interface
  • Great collection of stock transitions and audio


  • Watermarked videos

Top 4. Movavi Video Converter

The video merger software is suitable for converting videos. However, it can merge videos into a single video along with a plethora of editing features. It has a 7-day free trial.

movavi video converter


  • Excellent balance between simplicity and options
  • Practical and useful editing tools


  • The paid version is expensive
  • Watermarked videos

Top 5. FaaSoft Video Joiner

The video merger tool helps you join two videos into a single file. It is helpful for both professionals and beginners for it has all the features one would want from a joiner. In addition, it supports all the formats.

faasoft video joiner


  • Combine different file formats into one
  • Merge videos and audio in a similar format
  • Editing features


  • Not user-friendly


Today, you have learned about the different tools that come in handy to merge two or more videos into a single video file. Every program discussed here can handle a variety of formats for both input and output. However, there are certain restrictions when you choose an online merger. Get the best tool that fulfills your requirement and stays with you for a more extended period. However, do look out for the features and support. Not every free video merger tool is the same. Choose wisely for the software has an immense impact on the video's output and quality.